joop nautica consult

Joop Rietdijk, who is living in Spain since 2000.
After completing a study at the Nautical College in Amsterdam, he got his nautical experience as a navigating officer in the Dutch merchant navy in the trade round the British Isles and the west coast of Africa, followed by a period as manager of a stevedoring company in Amsterdam continued by a position in the “Offshore” industry namely the logistics and supply of drilling rigs in the North sea and off the east coast of Canada.
Since his childhood he owned dinghies, sailing boats and ships cruising the Dutch inland waters, IJselmeer, the North sea and the Channel. After his arrival at the Costa Blanca he familiarized himself more with motorboats, its modern equipment and navigation instruments. Besides several Dutch qualifications he has the Spanish licence Capitan de Yate (motor y vela).


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