If you have no previous boating experience, training can increase your enjoyment and, of course, reduce the risk of things going wrong. Most courses to obtain a license are mainly theoretical and do not give you the opportunity to really practise manoeuvring and handling of a boat. Building up your confidence will build up your pleasure.

During several short practical sessions all the aspects of owning and sailing boats are highlighted: Basic seamanship, judging weather and sea conditions and how to keep the family happy.
Mooring and unmooring, anchoring and manoeuvring, Knots and handling ropes will be learned and practised.. The program completes with traffic rules, courtesy rules, flag etiquette and nautical terms.
Further steps are to learn the basics of coastal navigation and the use of the modern aids to navigation like GPS, autopilot and radar. Interpretation of weather maps and forecasts.
We organise group trips to Ibiza to get more experience in the exciting world of seagoing passages.

Finally the old fashioned celestial navigation can be explained.